High-grade and well-developed sitting constructions made by highly qualified personnel of KLAPPSITZ.de

A seat takes up a lot of space to be able to provide the comfort of sitting down. But what if there is only limited space available? In these cases, fold down seats are the ideal solution.

With this in mind fold down seats have to fulfil several requirements at once: They have to be tailored to surrounding as well as to the available space while also fitting the aesthetic of the overall environment and of course they have to be always perfectly and safe to use when they are needed.

If as additional sitting amenities in waiting areas, as seats in vehicles and the cabins of heavy machinery, as seats in elevators or applied in many other areas – the possibilities of fold down seats are as varied as life itself.

Based on these considerations the metal work and construction personnel of KLAPPSITZ.de have begun years ago to perfect our variable folding seat solutions. We are always working to further expand our selection of high-grade products to include ever more sensible variations and to of course always improve on our already highly innovated designs

All fold down seat and sitting bench lines follow well-proven base concepts that we have been using for years. The wide range of varieties allow it that the folding seats can be modified to fit almost every possible situation and upcoming functional requirements.

Now our products have proven themselves even in areas of high use since 2000.

Another point speaking for our philosophy of business is that should the need arise we are prepared to make every spare part available – even as single piece order as we strongly believe in not producing recklessly or relying on disposable commodities.

We proudly assure you that the sitting solutions made by KLAPPSITZ.de stand for sustainability, have a long-life cycle and, while aesthetically pleasing, retain optimal function.

Please take a seat.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible trading is a key component of the company policy of BLECH & TECH. Our aim is to be economically successful while retaining ethical values and responsibility also towards the environment. Even surpassing the guidelines required by law. In our declaration for the CSR we have defined binding rules concerning:

  • the sustainability of our products
  •  forward-looking trading during the production and distribution processes
  • fairness in all areas; between our employees as well as with our customers and suppliers
  • taking responsibility to take care of the environment as well as our society

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