Benches „Palati“, with wire mesh sitting surface

These units are not only ideal for all kinds of stations, they also offer considerable sitting comfort despite their ascetic looks. The wire mesh construction have a specific set of other positive characteristics: the smaller surface area is less likely to take on the surrounding conditions, with great heat or direct sunlight for example, the wire mesh will not heat up too much, or, in colder weather and in winter it won’t freeze, in both cases it is less hazardous to use in extreme weather conditions than a smooth aluminium seat.

We additionally recommend a light colour for the seat should it be installed in direct sunlight.

The sitting rows and benches are available as fold down seats or as rigid seats, with optional back rest as well as optional arm rests. As applications we offer side tables instead of arm rests or fitting frames with alternative measurements for the height of the seats or the spaces between individual seats as well as alternative means of installation (for example to be set on concrete).

If there are any questions about options or if you worry about the availability of options for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any phone calls or emails asking for more details are absolutely non-binding and we are always looking forward to advise you.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download


Fold down sitting benches “Palati” with wire-mesh sitting surface, floor mounted

Fold down sitting benches “Palati” with wire-mesh sitting surface, wall mounted

You can find single wall mounted fold down sitting benches with or without back rest here:
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Rigid sitting benches “Palati” with wire-mesh sitting surface, floor mounted

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