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1998 - The start of BLECH & TECH

Together Josef Haas and Diester Schomas found a company in Seelbach/Schuttertal. BLECH & TECH is not only the name of the company but was an idea from the very beginning. The idea of the experienced metal workers and engineers was the production of high quality products by the means of intelligent combination of the two areas of sheet metal construction and machine construction. This concept started out very successfully.

Blech und Tech

2000 - The first fold down seat

Around the turn of the century a special order of a customer presented at challenge for the engineers of BLECH & TECH. The order was to create and design an auxiliary seat in the conductor cabin of a port crane.

The technical and mechanical requirements also considering the desired durability were demanding result is well worth the hard labour and our customer was more than pleased and satisfied. This also serves as positive feedback for our inventors that they were going into the right direction. And the extraordinary quality of our solution didn’t remain unnoticed. Soon new customers followed and with them new models of fold-down seats.

In the following years orders for renowned enterprises such as ThyssenKrupp Elevators, Schindler Elevators, Dräger Safety, Iveco Magirus or Herrenknecht flowed in.

2008 - Fold down seats in the BMW-Museum

One prestigious project was the outfitting of the BMW-Museum in Munich which – at that date – was being renovated completely.

Working together with the architects and designers new concepts for our fold down seats were developed and constructed; each of which optically perfectly integrated into the elegant architecture of the museum while also fulfilling the practical demand of the museum’s visitors.

2011 - Move to Herbolzheim

Success always needs space to grow; at first a mere temporary solution for three years in form of rented premises in Lahr sufficed, but in 2011 the company erected a hall in its current standpoint in Herbolzheim, solely dedicated to the manufacturing and distributing of fold down seats.

2017 - Quality is given a name:

The continued focalisation on high quality but affordable fold down seat and sitting bench solutions is continued with the brand name as well as the own Logo:

And the story of our fold down seats continues with the construction of a second hall on the company premises in Herbolzheim, showing that there are yet more chapters to come…


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