Wood seat „Woodie“ with beech wood sitting surface

Natural looks meet sitting comfort. The seating area as well as the back rest are made from one moulding, made from natural beech wood veneers soaked in synthetic resins and fused under high pressure (Pagwood as seen in durable school furniture).

Since in the compression process the beech wood is coated and thoroughly imbued with resin, it is permanently protected and is in no need for any after-treatment.

Practical application advice: In sheltered areas this material is suited for outside installation, with the exception of the model “beech light” since in this model the top most and the bottom layer are from a decorative foil and are not UV-light-proof.

The seat and back rest elements are highly flame retardant.

If there are any questions about options or if you worry about the availability of options for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any phone calls or emails asking for more details are absolutely non-binding and we are always looking forward to advise you.


Specifications and dimension sheets for download


Fold down seats „Woodie“ with beech wood seating area

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