Sitting benches „Palati" and „Woodie"

These sitting benches are perfectly suited for areas where non-padded but highly resilient sitting arrangements are applicable. You can find these models especially in public spaces such as train stations, tramway, streetcar or bus stations or as public sitting areas in parks and publicly accessible areas of all kinds.

All steel components are coated with an electrochemical cathodic dip-paint coat (KTL) and are afterwards powder-coated to make them impervious to corrosion. Additionally, all screws are also made from stainless steel.

You can choose from different types:
   floor mounted  -  wall mounted
   fold down seats  -  rigid seats
   wire mesh  -  smooth aluminium  -  beech wood
   single  -  twosome  -  threesome  - foursome
   with back rest  -  without back rest
   with armrests (or side tables)  -  without arm rests

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